Board of Directors


1 Day for the K.I.A. Staff


Tim Gregory -

Tim Gregory is a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student and Air Force ROTC cadet at Ohio State. He is from Kettering, OH and this is his third year involved with the organization, the first two he was a part of Race Planning. Tim has his private pilot's license and aspires to be an Air Force pilot after graduation and commissioning in May 2020. Tim says ‘1DK is an extremely unique organization with an amazing mission which is why I joined in the first place. Now I have the honor of leading this wonderful team of people as they make a positive impact on those who deserve much more than we are able to give them.’


Alec Stewart -
vice Commander

After graduating from Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin High School in Chardon, OH, Alec decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. He is currently a fifth year student who is in the AFROTC program and has been involved with 1 Day for the K.I.A. since the spring of his freshman year in 2015. He works as an auxiliary member helping out the current Commander, Tim Gregory. The sacrifices that service men and women make on a daily basis is something that Alec is drawn to, and he hopes to lessen the burdens of the families of the fallen in all the ways that he can.


Jared Del Orfano-
Race Planning

Jared Del Orfano is a third year History major that has been involved with 1DK since 2017. He is currently one of two Race Planners for the 5K and 12 Hour Run events, and joined 1DK because of the extremely unique way that it helps the Ohio State military community.

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Nathan Fiorino -
Race Planning

Nathan Fiorino is a 4th year Air Force ROTC cadet involved in the background execution of the 5K and 12-hour races hosted by 1DK each academic year. Nathan started volunteering in 2016 and began his official role in 2018. Nathan is drawn to this organization to honor those who have sacrificed everything for this country while working alongside my friends who share the same desire. Nathan is looking forward to this and coming year's races!"


Tasha Henderson -
public affairs & Marketing Lead

Tasha is a second year Masters of Social Work Student at OSU. Tasha has been a volunteer with 1DK since 2015 but recently joined the team in 2017. Tasha joined 1DK because she was impressed with the passion and drive of the team toward a great and underrepresented cause.

chris daulton.jpeg

Christopher Daulton -
Sponsored Running lead

Christopher Daulton is in his fifth year of AFROTC and Civil Engineering at the Ohio State University. He has completed both a 1DK 5K and the 1DK 2017 12-hour ultramarathon with a distance of 54.7 miles. After completing the April 2019 ultramarathon, Chris is slated to go to pilot training in Oklahoma where he will pursue a career as an Air Force officer and hopeful C-17 pilot.

megan kilar.png

Megan kilar -

Megan joined 1DK in the Fall of 2018 because she wanted to be part of an organization that had a direct impact on the Ohio State and Columbus communities. As a part of this organization, Megan has developed her understanding of what it means to be of service to others, especially those who have sacrificed for us. Megan is part of the race planning team within 1DK and supports the layout of the 5K and 12-hour endurance events.

Sierra 1DK.jpg

Sierra Mushett -

I am a new member to 1DK and I am currently learning how to do work for the organization regarding treasury. I joined 1DK because I am a cadet in the Air Force ROTC program and want to help give back in some way to the families of the people that gave everything. I volunteered for 1DK last year, won the 5K this past Fall, and officially joined the team at the start of this semester.


Not Pictured: Erin Schueler, Maddi King, Cole Holubeck, Katie Bennett, Anne Guilbert, Jessica Kesling, Hannah Gage