"Our Sponsored Runners are motivated ROTC Cadets and OSU students who have been hand-selected to represent 1 Day for the K.I.A. and fund raise for The Living Legacy Scholarship. They have taken on the task of seeking "per mile" sponsorships so that every mile completed during the 12 Hour Endurance Run generates more scholarship funds. As a result of this setup, each step forward symbolizes the pain our Sponsored Runners are willing to endure to bring change to our nation's most deserving students. To donate to a specific runner, click on the link below!"


Nicholas Cap

Nick is a junior at OSU, his major is Architecture and he is a third year Air Force ROTC Cadet.  He has completed 3 Tough Mudders, which included 12 miles through rough terrain, mud, ice water and 10,000 volt electric wires.  He runs because he understands the sacrifices military veterans make everyday and has an innate desire to be a part of that. His goal is to run over 50 miles during this year's race!

Sam Good

Sam is a junior at OSU majoring in Islamic studies and is in his third year in Air Force ROTC.  He hates running but loves being pushed outside his comfort zone so he decided to participate in our event this year.  His dad served 23 years in the Army so Sam decided he can “manage to run for half a day to support those kids whose parents gave the ultimate sacrifice.”  His goal is to run 50 miles!


Jack Lutat

Jack Lutat is a junior majoring in Theoretical Mathematics and is a third year Air Force ROTC Cadet.  He was never a big runner but greatly enjoys long runs in his free time.  He runs to show support for all those who have lose time, family and lives due to war.  His goal is to run 70 miles!


Cristain Turain

Cristian is a senior double majoring in Political Science and International Studies.  He participated in the 1DK SR 2016, the 2015 Columbus half marathon, 1DK 4-runner team in 2014 and several 10K and 5K races.  

When explaining why 1DK was important to him, Crisitan shared the following experience. “1DK addresses the embodiment of my deepest fears as a military brat.  My father was a pilot flying KC-10s when the Twin Towers fell, and I remember sitting as my first grade teacher told the class what a hijacker was and how a group of hijackers had crashed four planes.  As a 5 year old with limited thought processing, I feared the worst; for 5 hours I believed that my dad’s plane had been hijacked and his plane had crashed. The visceral feeling of that memory had an overpowering impact on me, and I want to support those who don’t hold that feeling as a memory, but as a reality.”  

His goal is to run 50+ miles.


Cole Holubeck

Cole is a junior at OSU, majoring in Electrical Engineering and is in his third year of Air Force ROTC.  He has been a long distance runner since 6th grade and was a part of a 4-runner team at the 1DK event in 2016, running 38 miles personally.  He runs because raising money for the sacrifices made by families of service members is a small way he can get back to them. His goal is to run 50+ miles!