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Our Sponsored Runners are motivated, hand-selected individuals who represent 1 Day for the K.I.A. and fund raise for The Living Legacy Scholarship. They take on the task of seeking sponsorships so that every mile completed during the 12 Hour Endurance Run generates more scholarship funds. As a result of this setup, each step forward symbolizes the pain our Sponsored Runners are willing to endure to bring change to our nation's most deserving students.

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When sponsoring a runner who is a member of a team, that individual's final mileage will be the team's total mileage and not the individual's personal mileage. For example, if Team XYZ ran 50 miles and Runner A of Team XYZ ran 10 miles, your donation will be based on the 50 miles.
Donation will be calculated by (total mileage * per mile donation). NOTE: if you would like to make a flat donation, enter "0" in this box and enter the amount you would like to donate in both the "Minimum Donation Amount" and "Maximum Donation Amount" entry fields.
In case your Sponsored Runner gets injured, the event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.
In order to make sure you, the donor, are not faced with donating more than you are willing to.
By electronically signing your name, you agree to pay the full amount of your donation based on the following formula (total mileage * donation amount per mile) within the minimum and maximum parameters you set above. The donation will be expected within 1 week of being notified of your runner's final mileage!