Mrs. Marri Petrucci

Duck Yim

Duck Yim is the active co-founder of 1DK and previously served as the founding president/commander. In addition to establishing 1DK & The Living Legacy Scholarship, Yim was an Architecture student and Air Force ROTC Cadet during his time at The Ohio State University. Desiring to contribute in other ways, Yim has served central Ohio as an Emergency Medical Technician and our nation’s forests as a Wildland Firefighter. Running wise, he has qualified for the Boston Marathon and three times accomplished distances over 100 miles in the 24 Hour Endurance Run format, including a 102.61 mile finish at the 2015 1DK Run. He is currently a U.S. Air Force Officer in the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) Program at Sheppard Air Force Base, TX and continues his 1DK involvement as a Board Member.