Homestate: Ohio

Role at OSU: Student & Air Force ROTC Cadet

Date of Loss: 8 June 1967

Accident Type: Shot down, F-4

Country of Loss: Vietnam


Captain Jon T. Busch was not just a superior officer in the world’s greatest Air Force, but also a loving brother, husband and father of four.  Captain Busch was an Air Force ROTC cadet at The Ohio State University. After commissioning, he was sent to Vietnam in 1967.

Captain Busch was flying in an F-4 Phantom when he was shot down shortly after leaving Da Nang Air Base, Vietnam on 08 June 1967.  An electronic search for him and his flight mate, Captain Victor Apodaca Jr., ensued, but due to bad weather, continued artillery fire, and darkness, the search was called off; both Captain Busch and Captain Apodaca were declared missing in action (MIA).  Captain Busch’s status remained MIA until October of 1988, when his remains were positively identified.

Captain Busch was laid to rest in the Arlington Cemetery, per his wishes.  Captain Busch's funeral cortege with horse-drawn caisson, Air Force Honor Guard and Band was followed by members of the color guard of Dayton Chapter 97 of the Vietnam Veterans of America.  His family was in attendance as well and was finally able to attain closure after 21 years, by laying their father to rest.


- Mackenzie Wright, 2013