Homestate: Ohio

Role at OSU: Student & Army ROTC cadet

Date of Loss: 17 April 1971

Cause: Small Arms Fire

Country of Loss: Vietnam


First Lieutenant Phillip Lewis Lee faithfully served during the Vietnam conflict. His willingness to go above and beyond the expectations, however, made lasting effects on those around him.

On April 17, 1971, Lt. Lee and his squadron were on a recon mission when they began to receive fire.  Lt. Lee and his squadron were in the firing zone for several hours before the fighting started to rescind.  It was during this time that Lt. Lee was wounded; a bullet grazed his spinal cord, severing it and paralyzing him. He was flown to the hospital in Bien Hoa and later transferred to a hospital in the United States.  On June 17, 1971, First Lieutenant Phillip Lee died of his wounds.

After the renaming of his squadron's camp was approved, they raised over $1,300 to fly Mrs. Lee, Lt Lee’s mother, to Vietnam.  She was there to see the camp’s name change take place, and witnessed Lt. Lee’s squadron raise an arch that reads “Camp Phillip L. Lee.”  Being chosen to represent his squadron speaks of Lt. Lee’s character; all of the men in Vietnam went through hardships and thousands were killed.  However, of all of those men, First Lieutenant Lee was chosen to represent the 2nd Squadron of the 11th Armored Calvary.


- Mackenzie Wright, 2013