1 Day for the K.I.A. 24 Hour Endurance Run

Start: Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 0900

End: Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 0900

Location: The Ohio State University Oval

Race Type: 24-Hour Endurance Run

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Registration for the 2015 race is open! 

Race Details

Our primary fundraiser for the Living Legacy Scholarship is the 1 Day for the K.I.A. 24 Hour Endurance Run. Held in April of each year, it is a traditional 24 Hour Endurance Run in that runners have exactly one day to cover as many miles / laps as they can around a short course. Our .875 USATF certified loop meanders around the picturesque Oval – the large green space at the center of campus. As a tribute to the 908 OSU alumni and others who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we outline our course with nearly 1,000 lanterns, each with the name of a fallen service member.

Runners have exactly one day to cover as many miles as they can. They are allowed to sleep, eat, leave and come back, and even flat out stop running whenever they want to - whatever they want to to get the furthest mileage possible. Due to the rules and structure of this type of run, it simply tests one thing: How far can you push yourself?

Individuals or relay teams of up to 4 runners may register. Each relay team will be given one active chip, or digital lap counter; hence only one runner from each team can be on the course at a given time and accumulate distance for their team. 


Thanks to the generous contributions of others and the all volunteer aspect of our team members, 100% of the funds raised through:

  • Sponsored Runner Sponsorships
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Day of Race Donations
  • Scholarship Specific Donations

go toward our Living Legacy Scholarship endowment fund. Race registration fees are traditionally attributed to race and organization operational funds. Due to some unforeseen large operational fund contributions for the 2014-2015 school year, a portion of the race registration fees may be given to the scholarship fund. This decision, however, may not be made until close to or even after the race when all operational funding can be accounted for.

Sponsored Runners

One of our premiere fundraising methods is our Sponsored Runner Team. Before the run, these handful of runners will secure "sponsorships" from friends, family, and anyone who may want to contribute to the cause. By "sponsoring" a runner, these donors are agreeing to donate a specified small amount per mile their runner covers in the 24 hours. With this setup, each literal step forward made by our Sponsored Runners is symbolic of the pain they are willing to endure and their desire to bring positive change upon our deserving families.

USATF Certified Course is 0.875 miles long with a vertical elevation difference of only 16 feet.

USATF Certified Course is 0.875 miles long with a vertical elevation difference of only 16 feet.

Course Update: As of 10 November 2014, we are in the process of re-routing our course!  For the 2015 race, we are re-figuring our course to eradicate hard turns. Although the exact details are still being determined, the 2015 course will likely be a large loop along the perimeter of the OSU Oval consisting of smooth turns. It will be roughly .6 miles in length. We will still feature electronic chip timing which will ensure accurate lap counting / distance measuring and will be sure to USATF certify the course. Due to the traditional track characteristic of the new course, direction changes will be implemented at equivalent time intervals.

Photography provided by Ohio State Lantern journalist, Leisa DeCarlo